Jen Meyer

Jen Meyer


I grew up in a household that had a general environmental awareness, which differed a bit from the majority of households in our community during that time period.  My father studied chemical engineering and water chemistry, then transitioned into a career in proper handling/disposal of hazardous waste and recycling and recovering heavy metals from that waste. I took a special interest in his work, and he allowed me to learn and be a part of his work world as much as possible.  It was not uncommon to find hazmat suits and hard hats lying around our house. In high school, I took a particular liking to chemistry and was a TA in the lab. I continued my education at the College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University, taking a special interest in chemistry, biology, and psychology courses.  I got my BA in Psychology and immediately entered the workforce. I have worked in higher education for the last 22+ years.  My areas of focus have been in program management, curriculum and course development, operationalizing academic change, catalog content, Dean and Program Director support, data collection/analysis, and reporting.

The work that MWC and its training centers are doing is so important. I feel honored to be a part of it!

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