Tim Hilbert

Timothy Hilbert

Senior Research Associate

Senior Research Associate
Department of Environmental and Public Health Sciences

I have seen firsthand the effects of hazardous exposures while conducting health evaluations with workers from various industries as well as their household contacts. I have also had the opportunity to help workers and communities protect themselves from exposures. These experiences prompted my involvement with HWWTP in providing hands-on training and education, building capacity for workers and communities to actively participate in protecting themselves from exposures.

For the past 18 years in the Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, I have coordinated research projects focusing on exposures and health for both workers and communities. Tasked with keeping the projects on target and on schedule, a large part of my responsibility has involved bringing together people from diverse backgrounds including community members, factory workers, health care professionals, academics, health and safety employees, administrators, government representatives, and industry management. A significant amount of my time has been spent writing: grants, curricula, reports, and publishing research findings. Another major aspect of my work has been related to data – developing tools to collect health data and analyzing it to assess the association between exposure and health outcomes. I also have a great deal of experience in handling behind-the-scenes administrative tasks necessary for academic and governmental projects.

These experiences have prepared me well for my role on this project. Much of my time will be allocated for writing, specifically developing and updating curricula, which I’ve done extensively for the past 5 years of this project. My proven record of managing detail will be applied while collecting, synthesizing, and analyzing data as well as completing various special administrative projects. My organizational skills will be utilized in facilitating communication for decision making and implementation. I am excited to continue to bring my energy and skills to help this program meet the evolving training needs of workers and communities.

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