Dustin Housewright

Dustin Housewright

University of Tennessee - (TN)

Director: Health, Safety & Emergency Preparedness
University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services

Dustin Housewright is a seasoned professional with a diverse background that includes emergency response, occupational/industrial safety, and academia. With over 20 years of experience, he currently serves as the Director: Health, Safety & Emergency Preparedness at University of TN Center for Industrial Services.

Housewright’s extensive background includes working in college-level institutions, industrial and municipal fire departments, and various EMS agencies, where he excelled as a Paramedic and Training Officer. Housewright’s knowledge and expertise have been widely recognized, leading to numerous speaking engagements at local, regional, and state conferences across the United States. His strong educational foundation has provided him with the opportunity to progressively advance to leadership positions in nearly every organization he has been a part of. He holds many fire, safety and technical rescue certifications and is credentialed as a Chief Fire Officer (CFO) and Chief EMS Officer (CEMSO) through the Center for Public Safety Excellence. With his wealth of knowledge and commitment to excellence, Housewright continues to make significant contributions to the emergency services field.

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