Vittorio Sbrocca

Vittorio Sbrocca

Citizens Environment Alliance - (MI)

Program Director
Citizens Environment Alliance

As a young adult I witnessed illegal toxic dumping into the Monongahela River. At the time I did not know how to deal with such a situation but as a representative of an environmental organization I now know how to react. I want to facilitate community health and safety training in order to prepare the public’s interaction with varied hazards that arise in the community due to industry, climate change and other health challenges affecting all of us. I understand the relationship between healthy industry and community health can be at odds and preparing the public to deal with hazardous situations can help both groups thrive.

I have developed instructional programs and educational materials for a variety of targeted groups including MWC’s “Assessing Preparedness” questionnaire for 3AW HazWoper community training. I have used this questionnaire to develop a resiliency project that increases awareness of local toxic concerns within communities. I have supervised and coordinated individuals and groups as well as coordinated specialized campaigns. My experiences as an instructor gives me insight into training concepts and procedures. My past work experiences have been very useful in developing successful strategies in my current role as Program Director for the CEA. I strive to hone and evolve this position, which I have held for over ten years, as I apply new training strategies and management concepts developed by our consortium.

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