Donele Wilkins

Green Door Initiative - (MI)

Green Door Initiative

In 2012, Xavier Joe, a twelve year old, prematurely lost his life because he could not breathe. As a lifelong Detroit resident I know firsthand what it means to be exposed to hazards that have created unintended consequences. With extreme weather events, compromised water systems and land based issues, my community require continuous information and resources in order to create a safe place to live and thrive. Detroit is home to thousands of brownfields that need to be addressed. Soil runoff, raw sewage, mold and other issues have the potential to cripple a community. Providing much needed information such as bioremediation and other approaches are essential to the life and vitality of the community. I personally want to continue to equip the environmental justice community by training them to become resilient in the face of climate change and share in the benefits of a healthier environment.

I have more than two decades of health and safety training, environmental justice leadership, grant management, project development and collaborative work within the academic, public health and advocacy communities.

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