Robert Schmidt

Lakeshore Technical College - (WI)

Public Safety Training Coordinator
Lakeshore Technical College

With a vast and diverse economy, Wisconsin faces many hazards to the local environment. With new and emerging industry and technology, we must be prepared to deal with hazards that change on a regular basis. The ability to continually train and stay up to date on emerging issues is one of the most important things for anyone mitigating hazardous materials incidents. It is my goal to ensure that responders are prepared to respond appropriately and safely to mitigate any incident they may face.

As of August 1, 2018, I assumed role of Program Director. Outgoing Program Director Ryan Skabroud has served as a mentor since I started in February of 2018. My experience in Fire, Emergency Medical Services and Hazardous Materials has provided me with the opportunity to experience many different types of incidents first-hand. This will help me understand the various types of incidents and hazards that need to be mitigated on a regular basis.

I have shown leadership skills in a variety of instances. My involvement as an Assistant Fire Chief has allowed me to experience many different situations where I need to use my leadership skills to lead a group of 30 volunteer firefighters. During my 4 years as Assistant Chief, we have continuously prepared for responses to many different types of incidents. Sharing lessons learned with others through this program increases the value of my experience.

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