Scott Tobey

Scott Tobey

Emergency Response Solutions International - (MI)

Senior Advisor
Emergency Response Solutions International

My experience as a labor educator since 1979 and my work in providing training to the fire service for the past 25 years has opened my eyes to the need for high quality, hands-on training for emergency responders in the public and private sector. The dedicated people who protect us from disasters need to be able to work together in order to protect workers, businesses, communities and especially themselves from the dangers of hazardous material releases and other potential emergencies. By listening to the needs of our constituents, we will develop innovative training strategies that will lift response capabilities to the highest level.

Since 1979, I have developed and delivered health and safety training to workers in Michigan and across the United States. As a professor at MSU, I was responsible for administering the New Directions grant from OSHA, all NIEHS grants since 1987, and several grants from Michigan OSHA related to technical rescue for the fire service. In 1996 Ford Motor Company partnered with MSU for the development and delivery of training programs for Emergency Response Teams at all their manufacturing facilities across North America. Since then, I have developed and coordinated the delivery of training for the UAW-Ford on hazardous materials response, confined space rescue, high angle rescue, machine rescue, emergency medical response and Incident Command. Throughout my career, my overall strength has been the ability to work cooperatively with a wide variety of organizations in developing training that responds to the specific needs of our customers.

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