Walter Idol

University of Tennessee - (TN)

Program Manager
Institute for Public Service, University of Tennessee

Through my decades of ex consequences of nonexistent or inadequate health safety and preparedness training. This grant is a pivotal part of my personal and professional desire to continue the University’s efforts to develop capacity and programs to help reduce worker illness and injury among industrial, healthcare and emergency response workers.

My skill set is unique in that it incorporates a variety of academic and operational domains. With over 4 decades of experience in fire/ems/technical rescue training and response, I have had the opportunity respond to a wide variety of industrial, construction, hazmat and natural disasters. This gives me a “boots on the ground” perspective as to the true dynamics involved in emergency response. My 21 years of work in an academic/trauma center has given me significant experience and insight to the preparedness challenges facing healthcare organizations. My academic credentials are diverse, allowing me to view the world though a variety of filters: natural resource management, emergency management/response, and adult learning/continuing education.

I have progressively advanced to managerial/supervisory leadership positions in every job I have ever held, in both career and volunteer organizations. This has allowed me to become well versed in all aspects of fiscal and personnel management for public and nonprofit institutions. My current position has afforded me the opportunity to develop and deploy new training programs and manage large grants (often on very condensed timeframes) to accommodate the needs of varied customer groups and organizations. I have also been intricately involved in the vison creation and strategic plan development and deployment for our operating group and department. During my time with this organization we have consistently increased the quality, diversity and frequency of our training programs. We have also consistently and continuously upgraded and added to our technology assets and training equipment cache.

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